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    Christian Hasse
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    Dominique Thévenin
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    Luc Vervisch

The conference has been finished successfully!

Thank you for participation at the 1st ERCOFTAC Conference on Multiphase Flows in Gasification and Combustion. I hope you agree that this was a very successful conference. The high quality scientifc contributions and the large number of participants showed that this conference is the right place for experts in modeling/simulation of gasification and combustion to meet and discuss.
Authors of accepted contributions to the conference are invited to submit a full length article to Flow Turbulence and Combustion, which will be peer-reviewed. Upon acceptance, a special issue can be published. Please contact Luc Vervisch ( vervisch@coria.fr) for further information.
We updated the website with pictures: Picture gallery.
The large number of participants (see statistics) and the feedback given by the participants made it clear that this conference has its place in the scientific calendar.

We are looking forward to the 2nd conference in 2013 and we hope to welcome you there.

Christian Hasse, Dominique Thévenin, Luc Vervisch


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What is Virtuhcon?

Virtual High Temperature Conversion Processes

The Virtuhcon centre at the Technical University Freiberg was established in 2009 based on the combined initiative of 8 institutes covering different research areas (computer science, mathematics, fluid mechanics, gas and heat technology, material science, process engineering). The centre focuses on the modelling and the simulation of high temperature conversion processes such as coal gasification and combustion. More information.
The Virtuhcon centre organizes the 1st Ercoftac conference on Multiphase Flows in Gasification and Combustion Dresden September 18-20 2011.

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